Medical Council

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely tested African economies, as it has in other parts of the world. Whether it is the tourism sector, the export of raw materials or even the informal sector, whose weight remains considerable on the continent, the health impact has been of the highest order.
The low rate of immunization coverage shows that we are far from having closed this parenthesis on the continent. The lack of health infrastructure is particularly glaring.
The health crisis has allowed for an uncompromising diagnosis of the medical and paramedical sector. But it has also opened many windows of opportunity. Africa has a young and rapidly growing population, and therefore represents a vast market for the medical industry.
Food insufficiency, climate change or insecurity are all factors
that weigh on the health of populations. As governments do not always have sufficient means to implement an efficient and sustainable health map, more and more private investors are willing to invest in this sector.
Our mission is to provide them with the necessary information to develop relevant, profitable and mutually beneficial investment plans.
Semen Africa Consulting is positioned as a reliable partner. It relies on a multidisciplinary team including a Chief Medical Officer supported by a dense and well established human network to carry out statistical studies, analyze current legislation and facilitate contacts with key players in the sector.
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