International Arbitration

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) allows parties to find flexible and rapid solutions to commercial disputes. Whether it is the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), the Arbitration Chamber of the International Chamber of Commerce of Paris (ICC) or the Common Court of Justice and Arbitration (CCJA) of Abidjan, on behalf of OHADA, the challenge is to improve the business climate by guaranteeing a reliable legal and judicial environment accepted by all stakeholders.
Anticipation of litigation from the moment the contract is signed is fundamental. It must take into account arbitration clauses or the choice of the competent jurisdiction. Unfortunately, Africa is still too often the starting point for litigation. Our mission is to help African
parties to sign as bonus pater familias and international investors to better monitor the execution of the contract.
This African ambition can clearly be read in the Handbook of Economic Intelligence in Africa: “By updating its arbitration law and by consecrating the practice of mediation, the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa extends on the African continent its recognition of what it has become common to call alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The consecration of a uniform procedural law of mediation (in addition to arbitration) applicable to the seventeen Member States, since 2017, participates more precisely in the affirmation of the right to resort to the so-called amicable resolution of disputes”.
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